Coral Essentials Trace Elements

Elevate Your Reef: A Comprehensive Guide to Coral Essentials Trace Elements

Embark on a journey to optimise your marine aquarium's coral health and vitality with Coral Essentials Trace Elements. At, we bring you an in-depth exploration of Coral Essentials Trace Elements product line, including Calcium + Trace, Magnesium + Trace, and Carbonate + Trace. Discover how these concentrated formulas, infused with our proven Coral Power Method, can revolutionise your reef-keeping experience.

**1. Coral Essentials Calcium + Trace: A Foundation for Growth**

*Coral Power Method Integration:*
Our Calcium + Trace formula is a concentrated source of liquid calcium, boasting an impressive 100,000 ppm (mg/L). Enriched with our proprietary Coral Power Trace A and B elements, this blend is meticulously crafted for medium-density SPS systems. The inclusion of Coral Power Trace A and B eliminates the need for additional trace elements, streamlining your dosing regimen.

*Dosage Recommendations:*
For those with high SPS density tanks, a simple adjustment is recommended. Start with an additional 0.25ml of each Trace A and B and observe the results. Gradually increase as needed. Regularly monitor calcium levels to fine-tune dosing requirements, ensuring an optimal range of 430-470ppm for most aquariums.

**2. Coral Essentials Magnesium + Trace: Balancing Act for Vibrant Coral Growth**

*Coral Power Method Integration:*
Magnesium + Trace is a concentrated liquid magnesium solution, featuring 12,500 ppm (mg/L). Infused with Coral Power Potassium, our unique blend ensures a balanced environment. Choose from three dosing options based on your tank type – Soft Coral / LPS System, Mixed Reef System, or SPS Dominant System – and follow our simple recipe. Alternatively, use our dosing calculator for customized dosing tailored to your tank's needs.

*Optimal Magnesium Levels:*
Maintain ideal magnesium levels of 1300-1350ppm for vibrant growth in SPS and hard coral-dominant systems. Regular checks and adjustments will accommodate the changing dynamics of your tank as corals grow and new additions are made.

**3. Coral Essentials Carbonate + Trace: Alkalinity Harmony for SPS Dominance**

*Coral Power Method Integration:*
Carbonate + Trace is a liquid carbonate source with 100,000 ppm (mg/L) or 5,600dKH, enriched with Coral Power Trace C elements. Tailored for medium-density SPS systems, this blend eliminates the need for additional trace elements unless you have a dominant SPS system.

*Dosage Adjustments:*
For high SPS density tanks, consider adding extra Coral Power Trace C by starting with an additional 0.25ml of each Trace C. Regularly check alkalinity (KH) levels and adjust dosing to maintain the optimal range of 8.5 – 9.0 dKH for high growth in SPS and hard coral-dominant systems.

Unlock the full potential of your marine aquarium with Coral Essentials Trace Elements. At, we provide not only top-tier products but also the knowledge to guide you on the path to a thriving and vibrant reef ecosystem. Explore our dosing calculators and proven Coral Power Method to make your reef-keeping journey a seamless and successful experience.
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